Run an advanced query

Creating and performing an advanced query allows you to search for Project Tracker artifacts by defining several criteria to filter the results.

Searching for artifacts using their Artifact ID is the easiest way. To search by more complex criteria, you can perform an advanced query. Advanced queries allow you to search using user names of people associated to artifacts or dates when the artifact was modified. For example:

You can search for artifacts using their relationships with each other as the query criteria. For example, you can search for:

Query definition pages may contain additional (non-default) input fields that are based upon any attribute groups that have been defined for the artifact type.

  1. Select the Query artifacts tab on the Project Tracker page.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Click the Advanced Query sub-tab. On the Advanced query page, identify the artifact type or types that you want to use in the search. You can optionally specify additional search criteria, such as a date range, particular users associated with an artifact, and so on. Query criteria include:
    • Artifact ID
    • Personnel associations
    • Attribute value change
    • Relationships
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