Run an advanced query to find a user

You can run an advanced query to search for Project Tracker artifacts by defining a user as the search criterion.

  1. If you know the usernames, the quickest way to enter the search criteria is to enter the username directly into the text field, select the appropriate attribute or "Any," and click Add user.
  2. If you don't remember the username, you can add users to the list of users by clicking Edit list. On the Select user screen you can select from the list of project members to add to your user association list. All users who can currently be associated with artifacts in the project can be selected in this section.
  3. You can select as many users are you require. For each user you can also limit the search by association.
  4. You can choose to associate a particular user by any user association attribute defined for your project using the Association list. For example, you can select several user names for the Assigned to field, and the results will return all artifacts assigned to each of the users.
You can save the specified criteria by clicking Save at any time.

Once you have selected all the personnel you require, click Add Assignee and click Done.

Using the Search for artifacts with no associations section you can define a search for artifacts for which no assignees with a particular user attribute have been associated. For instance, if you have a "QA Lead" user attribute defined for your project and want to know which issues have not been assigned a QA Lead, you can elect to search for all artifacts with no association of type "QA Lead". You can choose as many user attributes as you need for your query.

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