Activity Sources

Configure sources that will populate the pipeline with relevant activity data.

Add "sources" that populate your pipelines with relevant "activity" data such as work item updates, SCM commits, CI builds, and code reviews. For work items, sources are issue trackers; for SCM commits, sources are defined as the code repository of interest; for CI builds, sources are "jobs" or "build configurations"; for code reviews, sources are defined as the project or repository of interest.

Sources are associated to steps in Orchestrate. Whenever an "activity" occurs in the source associated to a pipeline step, the source sends notification of the activity to TeamForge Orchestrate. For example, if a build step is configured with a source mapping to a particular Jenkins job, build information is sent to TeamForge Orchestrate when that Jenkins job is executed. The resulting activity is mapped to the pipeline and build step in question.

A single step can be configured with multiple sources. For example, if you are interested in commit data from multiple code repositories, you can create a single commit step with distinct sources for each repository of interest associated to the single commit step. Sources for a single step may span multiple products; for example, the repositories above may originate from Subversion and Git.

TeamForge Orchestrate is extensible; users may author their own adapters for new source types and even register new product domains. If your organization uses tools that do not yet have adapters, you can write your own adapter that sends activity data to TeamForge Orchestrate. See Extending TeamForge Orchestrate.