Work item source overview

This section provides steps for adding work item sources to pipelines.

Tracker and Work Item sources

A "tracker source" represents an instance of an issue tracking system. When added to a project, tracker sources provide TeamForge Orchestrate with a list of issue trackers to be used during "work item source" creation. This two-stage configuration is in place to simplify configuration of work item sources.

The first step is to create a "tracker source". Tracker sources appear on the "Project Info" page and represent issue tracking systems associated with the project. For instance, perhaps you wish to create a work item source associated to a JIRA server. The first step is to add the JIRA instance as a tracker source.

Work item sources represent data from a single tracker, with an optional status filter. Once a desired tracker source is available, all "trackers" in that system are available when creating "work item sources". In this way, adding new work item sources is relatively easy once the parent tracker source is set up.