Extensible Data Source (XDS) Overview

This section provides steps for adding arbitrary, user-defined sources, or Extensible Data Sources (XDS), to TeamForge Orchestrate.

XDS Schemas, Collections, and Sources

Orchestrate can be configured to accept data from a wide range of sources through the Extensible Data Source (or XDS) feature. In addition to the stock activity APIs defined for commits, builds, reviews, and work items, the XDS feature enables you to create your own activity APIs by defining an "XDS Schema" that describes the the expected activity message format for a particular tool or product domain in question. See Extending TeamForge Orchestrate for more details and links to API documentation.

"XDS Sources" can be added to your pipeline through the "Custom" step type. Once added to a custom step as a source, XDS activities will be visible in the activity stream. XDS sources can also have associations just like any other source resulting in traceability between XDS and other activities.