Add a review source

You can configure a review source for "review" steps in your pipeline.

To add a code review source, you must first define a "review" step in your pipeline. To create a review source, you must have "Pipeline create" or "Pipeline edit" permission for the project.

  1. Click the project name in the breadcrumb navigation.
  2. Click Edit for your pipeline. If your pipeline has:
    • No steps — You are now in the "Manage Pipeline" page. Add one or more review steps for your pipeline, then click on Save and Add Sources to navigate to the "Manage Sources" page.
    • One or more steps — You see the "Manage Sources" page. If you have one or more review steps in your pipeline, you can now add or edit sources for your review steps. If you have no review steps, click Manage Pipeline. On the "Manage Pipeline" page, add one or more review steps for your pipeline and then click on Save and Add Sources to navigate to the "Manage Sources" page.
  3. Select the "review" step to which you wish to add a source.

TeamForge Orchestrate displays all the defined sources for a step, in the order in which they were defined.

  1. To edit an existing review source, click Edit. You can edit the display name or commit association prefix for this source.
    Note: While editing an existing source configuration, you can click DEACTIVATE to stop TeamForge Orchestrate from collecting data from that source; click ACTIVATE to resume data collection from the source.
  2. To add a new source, click Add a new source.
    1. Provide a display name for the review source that is depicted on all screens in the TeamForge Orchestrate user interface. The display name can be up to 100 alphanumeric characters in length.
    2. Enter the Commit Association Prefix.

      This prefix is used to associate code commits with code reviews using the commit message. To associate a review with a code commit, you must enter the association prefix and review ID in the commit message in this format:


      where key is any alphanumeric string. A commit association key may be up to 20 characters, including alphanumeric and underscore("_") characters.

      For most source types, TeamForge Orchestrate generates a unique "source association key". The source association key uniquely identifies and helps route data from sources to the proper source/step/pipeline in TeamForge Orchestrate. You must supply this string while configuring adapters for SCM, build and review services. You can copy the key by clicking on the small clipboard icon. No association key is necessary when you configure a TeamForge project repository, though.

  3. Click Done.

    TeamForge Orchestrate saves the new review source, and activates it.