Create pipelines

You can create a new pipeline from the "Pipelines" page provided that you have the "Pipeline create" permission.

  1. Click the project name in the breadcrumb navigation.
  2. Click Add Pipeline.
  3. Enter the name of your pipeline in the Pipeline Friendly Name field. The name of your pipeline is limited to 100 characters and must be unique site-wide. Double-byte UTF-8 characters are supported. The friendly name appears throughout the user interface when the pipeline is referenced. A pipeline may be renamed at any time.
  4. Enter the short name of your pipeline in the Short Name field. The short name of your pipeline must have between 2-5 alphanumeric characters, be unique site-wide, and not contain spaces. The short name is used in URLs: once defined, the short name cannot be changed.
  5. Add steps to your pipeline. See Adding and Deleting Pipeline Steps for more information.
  6. Click Save and Add Sources. After adding steps to your pipeline, you see the "Manage Sources" page where you can now add one of these types of sources to each step:
    Note: For information on editing pipeline steps, see Editing pipelines.