An overview of the TeamForge full-text search

Here is some detailed information about the TeamForge's full-text search.

Searchable items in TeamForge

The following items are search-able in TeamForge.
  • Discussion forums, posts and topics
  • Documents and document folders
  • File releases, packages, and FRS files
  • News posts
  • Visible project pages
  • Projects
  • Source code files and commits
  • Tasks and task folders
  • Trackers and tracker artifacts
  • Users
  • Wiki pages
  • Integrated applications
Integrated applications
Integrated applications may or may not have search capabilities. Refer to the integrated application's documentation to know more about its search features and to appreciate how the search features of the integrated application and TeamForge differ.
Attached files
You can search the contents of attached files. For more information about supported document formats, click here.


You may witness some delay for the TeamForge objects to appear in the search results and the extent of delay depends on the load on the server.

When you search, the contents of all the search-able fields (of an object) are collectively searched for matches. For instance, when you search for an artifact, the contents of the title, description and comment fields, put together, are searched. As an example, the search entry CollabNet AND TeamForge returns an artifact if the content of its title, description and comment, put together, has both the words "CollabNet" and "TeamForge". In other words, the word "CollabNet" could be in the artifact title and the word "TeamForge" could be in the artifact description (and not necessarily present on the same field).

If you search with multiple words, items containing any of the words in the search string are returned. For more information, refer to multiple-terms search. On the other hand, if you want to find items where the words, say CollabNet and TeamForge, both appear, type CollabNet AND TeamForge. For more information, refer to Boolean operators.

The TeamForge searches for full words. Use wildcards for partial word searches.

Search terms are case-insensitive. For example, if you search using the keyword "collabnet", pages that contain COLLABNET, CollabNet and collabnet are all returned.