Search for a document

Search for a document by its title, its content, the project or folder in which it is located, its file type, its creation date, or its status.

If you don't know which project to search, or want to search for documents and other types of items simultaneously, use global search.
  1. Click DOCUMENTS from the Project Home menu.
  3. On the Document Search Criteria page, enter the desired search criteria.
    Tip: You can use wildcards.
    • To search by location: If you know the document is located in the current folder, check the Current Folder in the SEARCH CATEGORY field. Otherwise, the default Root Category searches all document folders in the project.
    • To search by name or description, enter the text in the SEARCH KEYWORDS field and select Search Name and Description.
    • To search by document content, enter the text in the SEARCH KEYWORDS field and Search Within Document.
    • To search by name, enter the text of the document name in the DOCUMENT NAME field.
    • To search all document versions, select SEARCH ALL VERSIONS.
    • To search by date range, enter the start and end dates for the search. Click the Calendar icon to select dates from a calendar.
    • To search by author, enter the user name in the CREATED OR EDITED BY field. Click the search icon to display a list of project members.
    • To search by document status, select one or more document statuses from the Status list box.
  4. Click Search.
TeamForge lists the documents matching your search criteria.