Search for tracker artifacts

Find tracker artifacts by supplying a keyword, an artifact ID, a date range or some other value.

You can also search comments, attachments, and user-defined fields.
  1. Click TRACKERS from the Project Home menu.
  2. Set the scope of your search.
    • To search all the trackers in your project, click Search Trackers.
    • To search a specific tracker, click the tracker you want to search, then click Search Tracker in that tracker's list view.
  3. In the Tracker Search Criteria section, enter the keywords to search for.
    Note: Wildcards are allowed.
  4. Select the elements of the artifact to search. For example, to search for a keyword in the title and description fields, select the Title and Description check boxes. If you want to search all the text fields (including Title, Description and user-defined text fields), select the All Text Fields check box.
  5. To search for a keyword in the comments field, select Include Comments.
  6. If you know the artifact's ID, enter that.
  7. Click the calendar icon to select dates, if appropriate. You can also specify relative dates such as "Within the last 7 days".
  8. Use as many of the remaining tracker search criteria as seems useful.
  9. Click Search.
All tracker artifacts matching your search criteria are displayed.
Note: If your search included muliple trackers, the icon next to each artifact in your search results can help you identify which tracker that artifact belongs to.