Search for tasks

Use the Search Tasks option to refine your search if task filtering returns too many results.

  1. Click TASKS in the project navigation bar.
  2. On the Task Summary page, click Search Tasks.
  3. On the Task Search Criteria page, enter the keywords for the search.
    Tip: Wildcards are allowed.
  4. Search by the type of content that makes sense to you.
    • Search for keywords in the Task Name field.
    • Search for keywords in the Task Description field.
    • Search the task progress fields: Accomplished, Planned, and Issues.
    • If you are searching for a specific task, and you know its task ID, enter the task ID.
    • To search by date, select date ranges for start date or end date.
    • To search by project member, select one or more people.
      Note: Click the people icon to display a list of project members with permissions to edit or create tasks.
    • To search by location, select the Task Folder to search.
    • To search by Status and Priority, select those.
    • Click Search.