Search for posts

Search for a post by using keywords, specifying the forum it belongs to, selecting the sender of the post or entering relative date or date range.

You can search for posts either across all forums or within specific forums.
  1. Click DISCUSSIONS from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the Forum Summary page, click Search Posts.
  3. On the Post Search Criteria page, enter the desired search criteria.
    Tip: You can use wildcards.
    • To search by subject, body or attachments, enter the text in the Search Text field and select Subject, Body and/or Attachments options.
    • To search by forum name, select the forum in the Forum field.
      Note: When none of the forum options are selected, the system searches for matching posts across all forums.
    • To search by post-sender, select the user name in the Posted By field.
      Note: You can select User running search option to display your posts.
    • To search by time span, specify relative dates such as "Within the last 7 days".
    • To search by date range, enter the start and end dates for the search. Click the Calendar icon to select dates from a calendar.
  4. Click Search.
All posts matching your search criteria are displayed in the Search Results page.