Post to a forum by email

If the forum also works as a mailing list, you can create a forum topic by sending an email message to the forum. You can also reply to a post by replying to the email.

If the forum is moderated, you must have posting permission. Contact the forum moderator.
The forum's email address, if it has one, appears on the Topic Summary page.
Tip: If a forum is not set up to work as a mailing list, you can still get posts by email when you monitor the forum. See Monitor many items.
  1. Click DISCUSSIONS from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the Forum Summary page, click the forum in which you want to create a topic.
  3. On the Topic Summary page, find the email address in the Mailing List field. Send your email message to that address. CollabNet TeamForge maps your email to the forum topic like this:
    Email Field Forum Topic field
    To Forum email address
    Subject Title of forum topic
    Body Text of forum topic
    Attachments Attachments

Emails from the forum can be read in RTF (Rich Text Format) or HTML format. The format of the message is delivered as an attachment to the post. Embedded attachments, such as text or images, are also delivered.

A message to a moderated discussion forum is held until a moderator acts on it. (Except if it is from a trusted user. These messages don't require moderation.)

In a moderated discussion forum, if you add other addresses in the cc: field of your email, those addresses get your email only after the moderator approves the message.