Administer forums and mailing lists

Forum administrators create forums and do what is needed to keep them on track, such as editing or moderating forum posts.

You can choose to make a discussion forum either public or private.

You can be a forum or mailing list administrator without being a project administrator. Ask your project administrator or site administrator to grant you forum administration permissions.

Forum administrators can enable or disable forum moderation and add or remove moderators and trusted users. Any project member with forum post permissions can be a moderator.

Forum administrators can also make forums work like mailing lists.

Guest users can monitor a forum if email monitoring is set to "Allow all site users and guests". Additionally, guest users can email-post or subscribe to a forum if the mailing list is enabled and "Email Posting" is set to "Allow all site users and guests" from the discussion settings.

Tip: Who can post by email to a discussion forum is controlled by the "Email Posting" options set for the forum. It does not depend on the permissions set for users of the Web forum.