User interface overview

Overview of the TeamForge Orchestrate user interface including pipelines, activity streams, and activity detail pages.

Activity Stream View

Clicking a project's Orchestrate toolbar button displays the default "activity stream": a chronological list of life-cycle activities related to the selected pipeline.

Click to read about the filter option Click to read about the "Review Detail" page Click to read about the "Build Detail" page Click to read about the "Commit Detail" page

Activity Detail View

From the activity stream, clicking an activity widget displays a page with detailed information pertaining to the selected commit.

Click to read about activity associations Click to read about the "traceability" feature

Traceability report

The traceability report shows associations between related activities. Clicking an activity widget displays the detail view for the selected activity.

Project Info view

Clicking the project name in the breadcrumb navigation shows the "Project Info" page, listing all pipelines and tracker sources for a given project. The project page serves as a launch point for the authorized end-user to use the administrative features of TeamForge Orchestrate.