Configure Review Board adapter (TeamForge integrated)

Configure a TeamForge integrated Review Board adapter to retrieve code review metadata.

Once the adapter has been installed successfully, configure Review Board by following these steps. The instructions below pertain to Review Board instances integrated with CollabNet TeamForge. See Configure Review Board adapter (standalone) for configuration instructions when using a standalone version of Review Board.

Navigate to Review Board extension administration

  1. Log into TeamForge with a site-admin user.
  2. Click the Admin link in the header area.
  3. Click the Integrated Apps tab
  4. Click the radio button pertaining to Review Board
  5. With the radio button selected, click Administer

    You should now see Review Board administrative page.

  6. Click Extensions on the menu bar to list your currently installed extensions. eventq-rb should be listed.
  7. Click Enable to activate the EventQ extension.
  8. Click Configure on the eventq-rb extension.

    The eventq-rb configuration page will be displayed. From here you can select and configure the repository whose reviews you would like to push to an EventQ review source. To create a review source in EventQ see: Manage review sources.

Configure a Review Board respository

  1. Select the repository name from the Repository dropdown menu.
  2. Copy and paste the fields from the EventQ review source that you wish to associate to this repository
  3. Click Save

    Repeat steps 9 through 11 for each Review Board repository you wish to monitor in TeamForge EventQ.