Manage review sources

Add review sources to bring code reviews into the TeamForge project and traceability context.

Review sources bring code review data into EventQ for archival of meta data, participation in traceability, and activity reporting.

Create or find an existing Tool to group your review source under

  1. From the desired project context, navigate to Project Admin > Tools.
  2. Determine whether a “Tool” exists that represents a logical container for your desired source. For instance, if you are adding a Review Board source, look for a tool representing the instance of Review Board in question.
    1. If a Tool exists already, click the Tool’s title to edit the Tool.
    2. If a Tool does not exist, click Add Tool.

Edit an existing review source

  1. To edit an existing review source, locate the Data Source in question on the Edit Tool screen. You can edit the display name or commit association prefix for this source.
  2. Click Update to save your changes.
    Note: While editing an existing source configuration, you can toggle a source from Active to Inactive, which will stop TeamForge from collecting data from that source; toggle back to Active to resume data collection from the source.

Create a new review source

  1. If this is a new Tool, first select the Tool Type in the drop-down menu. For instance, if you’re adding a Review Board Tool instance, select Review Board.
  2. Select the Include Traceability check box. A blank data source appears. If this is an existing Tool with existing sources, click the Data Source + (Add Source) icon to add a new blank source.
    1. Provide a display name for the review source. This display name will help you differentiate the source in lists throughout the user interfaces. The display name can be up to 100 alphanumeric characters in length.
    2. Enter the Commit Association Prefix. This prefix is used to associate code commits with code reviews using the commit message. To associate a review with a code commit, you must enter the association prefix and review ID in the commit message in this format:
      Where key is any alphanumeric string. A commit association key may be up to 20 characters, including alphanumeric and underscore ("_") characters.
  3. Click Update.
TeamForge saves the new review source, and activates it.