What is a Publishing repository? How does it work?

Publishing repository, like the branding repository, is one of the default repositories that's created automatically when a TeamForge project is created and is intended to contain publicly-consumable files.

The Publishing repo has a www directory. Files in the www directory are checked out to a working directory and served by the Apache server with no user authentication checks. In other words, files stored in the www directory do not go through TeamForge's RBAC checks and are publicly accessible even if the user is not logged in (accessible via a direct link to the file). By design, the files stored in the www directory are meant to be public on both "public" and "private" projects no matter whatsoever. However, files stored in no other directories but www are publicly accessible.

Additional security Enhancements added to Publishing Repository

Site administrators can now toggle access to Publishing Repositories and restrict access based on defined RBAC. See DISABLE_REMOTE_PUBLISHING for more information.