Create a custom project home page

If you decide to hand-code your project home page, the page works like any HTML page.

  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the Project Settings page, select Show custom web page from PROJECT HOME OPTIONS.
    • Show default project pages and components is selected by default.
    • Site administrators can restrict public access to Publishing Repositories at the site level and you cannot view or modify PROJECT HOME OPTIONS in such case. See DISABLE_REMOTE_PUBLISHING for more information.
  3. Add the index.html file to the publishing/www Subversion repository. The content of your index.html shows up immediately.
    Note: When you switch to a hand-coded home page, you can still access any project pages you have created.
  4. Click Save. Your custom Project Home page is now active.
    Note: If your project has any subprojects, the subprojects are also listed. To see them, make sure your index.html file exists and is in the right repository location.