How can I stay informed about events on my CollabNet TeamForge site?

To keep up with changes, you can be notified by an automatic email when an item you are interested in is updated.

Monitoring items lets you stay up to date automatically on all changes without having to log into CollabNet TeamForge and check the status of each item.

You can monitor individual items, folders, and entire applications in each project for which you are a member. You can configure the frequency of email notifications to suit your personal preferences, and suspend monitoring messages entirely if you are out of the office or for any reason do not want to receive messages.

Items that can be monitored include:

You can tell by looking at each item whether you are currently monitoring it and how to begin or end monitoring it.

Whenever you create an item or edit an item, you automatically begin monitoring that item.

You do not receive monitoring notifications for your own changes to a monitored item.

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can see who is monitoring an item.

You can add other users to the monitored item. After a user is added to a monitored item, the user can continue monitoring the item, configure monitoring preferences for the item, or stop monitoring the item.