Choose how often to get emails from specific applications

How many email notifications do you want to get about the applications you are monitoring, and how often?

To further personalize your monitoring preferences, you can set the frequency of email notifications for each monitored application on a project level. If you don't set your application monitoring email frequency settings, your global setting applies.

For example, suppose you are contributing code to the "Widgets" project, but your role in the "Gizmos" project is of a more advisory nature. When you monitor an item in the "Widgets" project you'll want more detailed updates than you will want from items you've monitored in the "Gizmos" project.

  1. Set the global default email frequency from your MY SETTINGS page. See Choose monitoring email frequency.
  2. Click MONITORING from the My Page menu.
  3. From the Edit Monitoring Subscriptions and Preferences pane, choose the project in which you want to configure monitoring email frequency.
  4. On the EMAIL NOTIFICATION PREFERENCES tab, specify how often you want to be notified and click Save.
Any email notification preferences you set here will override the default preferences that you set on your MY SETTINGS page.
Note: When you update two or more artifacts at a time, each user who is monitoring any of the changed artifacts gets a single email describing all the updates.