Change your site's outgoing emails

When you site sends out automated emails, the text of the emails can be customized to fit your site's specific needs.

Note: Before customizing your site, download the branding files. See Customize anything on your site.
You control screen labels and messages by overriding the resource bundle keys that specify the text strings that appear in Velocity macros and JSPs.
  1. In your local copy of the branding repository, create a directory called templates/mail.
  2. In the templates/mail directory, create a file containing the custom content for an email that the system sends out. Give the file the same name as the equivalent sample email file in the branding files package. For example, to override the email that is sent out to new members of the site, name the file templates/mail/user_welcome.vm. Use Velocity syntax to identify the parts of the email, like this:
    • ##subject
    • Welcome to our TeamForge site!
    • ##subject
    • ##body
    • Here is the content that I want to appear in emails coming from my site...
    • ##body
    Note: To customize a template in a specific language, identify the locale as an extension to the file name. For example, to create a user welcome file in Japanese, name the file templates/mail/user_welcome_ja.vm
  3. Commit your new and changed files into the repository.