Work with artifact cards

In the Planning Board, artifact cards are displayed in ranked sequence within each swim lane. Using Planning Board, you can quickly add new cards (quick add), edit cards, move cards within a swim lane to rank them and move cards between swim lanes to reassign them to other planning folders.

To quickly add artifacts:

You can add artifacts (quick add) in select planning folders with minimum required artifact information.
  • While you quickly add artifacts with data for just three fields such as the tracker type, title and description, the artifacts are, however, saved with default values for other required fields, which you may choose to update later.
  • You cannot add artifacts from the Planning Board if a work flow is configured for the meta status change from New to Open.

  1. Select a planning folder in one of the swim lanes. The quick add (+) button at the top of the swim lane is enabled.
    Note: To be able to add artifacts in Planning Board, you need to have the required permissions.

    Quick add button

  2. Click the quick add (+) button. The Create Artifact window appears.

    Create Artifact window

  3. Select a tracker type from the TRACKER drop-down list.
  4. Type a title and description. You can select the USE TITLE AS DESCRIPTION check box to copy the title you type to the DESCRIPTION text box.
  5. Click Submit. The artifact is added as the bottommost artifact in the swim lane (planning folder). You may choose to rank the artifact (if you have rank permission) or update the artifact with more meta data later. To update the artifact, click the artifact ID link.

To rank a card:

  1. If you have the requisite permission, you can drag and drop a card above or below the other cards within a swim lane to position it in the order you want the artifact addressed.
    Note: The positioning of cards is retained when you switch between the list and board views (planning, task and kanban).

    For related information on ranking artifacts in the list view, see Reorder the contents of a planning folder.

To reassign (move) a card:

  1. In the course of planning your release, you may want to assign an artifact from the product backlog to a specific sprint or team, or move an artifact from one sprint to another. To do this, just drag and drop the artifact card from one swim lane to the other.
    Note: When you drop the card, its rank is relative to its position in the new swim lane. However, if a child artifact is moved to a swim lane (planning folder) where its parent is already present, the child artifact is filed under its parent and its rank is relative to the parent's position.
    To be able to move cards between swim lanes, you need to have the permission to update planning folders and rank artifact cards.

To edit an artifact using the artifact ID link:

  1. Click the artifact ID link.
    The View Artifact page appears.
  2. Make the necessary changes and click Update to update the artifact and return to the Planning Board.

To quickly edit an artifact:

  1. Click the edit artifact button in a card. The Edit Artifact window appears.
    Note: To be able to edit artifacts, you need to have the required permissions.

    Edit artifact button

    Edit Artifact window

  2. You can edit the following in the Edit Artifact window:
    • Artifact title
    • Artifact description
    • Primary and secondary attributes
      You have two expandable frames, Primary Attributes and Secondary Attributes, that list fields you can edit. Primary attributes include Priority, Status, Assigned To, Team, Estimated Effort, Remaining Effort, Actual Effort and Points. The expandable frames and the fields listed in them depend on your application configuration that you set in Tracker Settings. For example:
    Note: You cannot change the status of an artifact in the Planning Board view, if 'Assigned To' is set as a mandatory field for status change per your tracker work flow settings (Tracker Settings). However, you can edit the status of an artifact in the List view with the same 'Assigned To' work flow constraint.

    By default, the following field types which you select while creating a user-defined field (Tracker Settings), are non-editable from the planning board's Edit Artifact window: Multiple select, Date picker and User picker.

    Non-editable field types

    • Comments

      In this expandable frame, in addition to adding comments, you can view the last five comments for an artifact.

  3. After editing an artifact, click Update.