Project Tracker screens

The Project Tracker interface is organized to allow access to all the major functionality from anywhere in the application. Each of the action screens provides relevant information along with links to access further details as needed.

A unified and consistent interface allows you to recognize the types of information and actions available on each screen.

Each screen provides the following navigational aids:

In many cases, helpful information is included directly on the screens to clarify unusual operations. Error messages are provided in line to help identify where the error occurred and specific means for remedy.

Entry forms

Entry forms consist of a combination of tabs, buttons and entry fields. Tabs are used to navigate between entry forms, while buttons allow you to perform any actions you need on the forms. Entry fields allow you interact with the form.

Note: Asterisks are used to define required fields. Often you will find textual guidelines within the entry forms to help you through the form entry process.

Entry fields

There are several types of entry fields that may appear on a form. These include:


Navigational buttons are available on each screen. These buttons perform actions on the data entered in the form. The


Multipart functionality provides tabs for navigation between parts. To define the way reports are displayed, you can use the tabs to switch from defining row and column content to determining the final reports display.

Results and selection pages

Results screens appear after you have made a request for collated information, like performing a query, running a report, and so on. Each results screen provides a list of items with some descriptive information. Descriptive information can include items like date and time a query was run and the number of items that are displayed per page.

Results screens allow you to perform actions on the items that appear. Under the items you will find a set of dropdown boxes containing actions that you can perform.

The query results page also contains an Add/remove columns link. Use this link to change the attributes shown in your query results. On the Add/remove columns page, all of the available attributes are listed by name and sequence. Attributes are displayed in columns ordered from left to right by sequence number.

Sort order

Items are initially in the order indicated by the query definition. To sort by an attribute, click the title of the attribute. The sort will change to ascending by that attribute. Clicking the arrow beside the attribute name will provide a descending sort.

Customizing the interface

You can configure the columns that are displayed on the results page of an ad-hoc query. These settings are retained for the rest of your work session. You can change the configuration of columns that are displayed in the Selected Attributes section by using the icons listed against each of them.

Query Results and Reports - Click this link for more information.

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