What kinds of queries can I use?

There are several types of queries you can use to search for information on your project.

Simple query

You can search for artifacts using Project Tracker queries. You can create ad-hoc (one-time-use) queries, and you can save queries for re-use. When you save a query, you can either store a link to the query on the main query page, or you can copy and paste the URL of the query in the browser address bar.

Advanced query

Advanced queries enable you to define search criteria for an artifact. You can use this form to enter values for some, all or none of the attributes available in an artifact type.

Saved query

Once you have a well-defined set of search parameters you may want to save them for future use. Saved queries can be used to generate reminders, keep you informed of progress on artifacts or to quickly access a specific artifact configuration. You may have access to globally available saved queries or create your own.

Cross-project query

Cross project queries allow you to search multiple projects or artifact types or both in a single query. With cross project queries you can quickly find artifacts of interest to you in multiple projects. By saving your cross project queries you can access them as you would any other saved query in Project tracker.

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