How is Project Tracker search different from other popular search tools?

Searching Project Tracker is similar to searching Google or Yahoo. To find items containing a particular word, type that word into the Search field and hit Go or Search.

Project Tracker allows you to search within a specific field where you enter the search string. For example, if you enter the search string in the Summary field of an artifact, the search will restrict itself to that field in all the artifacts.

For example, try this:

  1. Click the Query Artifacts link.
  2. Click the Advanced Query tab. The screen displays several sections with each field of the artifact represented as a section.
  3. Enter the search keywords "Defect Information" in the Summary field of one of the sections, for example: Duplicate Check Info.
  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the screen.

The results will be displayed listing all artifacts containing the words "Defect" OR "Information" in the Summary field of the Duplicate Check Info section.

For other common search types, follow these guidelines:

These are some of the more commonly used text search criteria. For more details, or if you are getting an unexpected result, see What operators does the Project Tracker search tool take?.

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