Convert to standalone mode

If you've converted Subversion Edge to a primary integration server or replica server in TeamForge, it is possible to revert to the standalone management console mode.

  1. Select Administration in the main navigation bar and click TeamForge Mode.
    Note: You'll see the TeamForge Mode link after a successful conversion to TeamForge.
  2. On the Convert to Standalone mode page, supply your TeamForge administrator credentials. This account must have permissions to remove integration servers in TeamForge.
  3. Click Convert.

After the conversion, local authentication is used and console functionality is fully restored.

The console is put back as it was before you converted to TeamForge mode. Users and server settings that you had before the conversion still exist. Repository hook scripts are restored.

When you revert from a core TeamForge SCM integration server to standalone mode, what you see with repositories is based on what happened while you used TeamForge. If you created new repositories or deleted repositories, that's what you have after you convert to standalone mode. Repository content itself is not modified -- it is not rolled back to what it looked like before you converted to TeamForge mode.

When you revert from replica to standalone mode, you will once again be able to access the repositories you had before the conversion.