Convert to a TeamForge SCM integration server

To convert to a TeamForge server, you'll need to provide the TeamForge site URL, administrator credentials and a project name. Existing Subversion Edge repositories and users are imported into this project.

Note: In Subversion Edge 1.2 and later, port 4434 is configured to run SSL in addition to the existing HTTP on port 3343. When you convert your Subversion Edge server to TeamForge mode, the integrated server is configured for the port you're using when you do the conversion.
  • If your Subversion Edge installation uses a self-signed SSL certificate, you must import that certificate into the Java keystore for TeamForge and restart the TeamForge server before the conversion can happen. See these instructions to import svnedge.crt into TeamForge's java keystore using the keytool utility.
  • If the TeamForge server uses https and a self-signed SSL certificate, you need to import the server certificate into the Java keystore for the Subversion Edge console before you begin the conversion. See this topic for details.
  1. Select Administration in the main navigation bar and click TeamForge under Extensions.
  2. On the Extend your Edge with TeamForge page, click Connect for the Federate your Subversion servers option.
  3. In the TeamForge Credentials page, enter these details:
    • TeamForge server URL, for example,
    • Administrator credentials for the site
      Note: This account must have permissions to create an SCM integration server on the TeamForge site.
    • The value of the Integration API Key configured on the TeamForge server
    Step 1 - TeamForge Credentials
    Click Continue.
  4. On the TeamForge Project page, enter the name of the TeamForge project where you want the repositories on your Subversion Edge server added. This can be a new or existing project. If the project doesn't exist, it will be added during the conversion process.
    Step 2 - TeamForge Project
    Click Continue.
  5. On the TeamForge Users page:
    • Select Import users option to migrate the Subversion Edge users to TeamForge.
    • To add the imported users as members of the Subversion Edge project you specified earlier, select Assign membership.
    Step 3 - TeamForge Users
    Click Continue.
  6. On the Convert to TeamForge mode page, click Convert.
    Step 4 - Convert to TeamForge mode
You will see the Subversion Edge server in the TeamForge site's Admin > Integrations > SCM Integrations page. Example:
CollabNet Subversion Edge server in TeamForge
The TeamForge project's Source Code page displays the imported repositories. Example:
CollabNet Subversion Edge repositories in TeamForge project
Repositories and users are now managed by TeamForge.
Note: Users imported into TeamForge need to use the Forgot your password link to receive a ticket to set their new password.

TeamForge usernames and passwords are required to log in to the Subversion Edge console. TeamForge site administrators can see repository information, schedule backups and manage hook scripts. TeamForge users with site-wide SCM Edit permissions have access to Administration functionality such as installing updates and starting or stopping the server; however, they do not have access to repositories.