TeamForge Orchestrate is distributed as a Linux installer based on YUM/RPM

Installation Overview

TeamForge Orchestrate is a supplementary component of TeamForge and requires the installation of new software services. This set of documentation provides you with detailed installation instructions, with a high-level overview provided below. Please read all of the installation documents prior to embarking on the installation process so that you are aware of the prerequisites and steps involved ahead of time.

The installer installs and configures three primary classes of software services.
  • Application and web server (App server)
  • Database server (DB server)
  • Message queue service (MQ server)
During the installation process you may choose to use pre-existing services instead of installing them. The diagram below illustrates the product architecture.

Before you begin

Orchestrate 1.2 requires TeamForge 7.2+. It is assumed that the Orchestrate administrator is familiar with basic Linux administration commands and terminology. Please read Installation requirements for more information before starting the installation process.