Post-installation tasks

Now that you've installed TeamForge Orchestrate, follow these steps to configure for use

These important post installation steps enable your TeamForge instance to communicate commit and tracker activities to Orchestrate via adapters.

Install Collabnet TeamForge commit and tracker adapter:

The Collabnet TeamForge commit adapter gives TeamForge the ability to notify Orchestrate of commits in TeamForge's git and SVN repositories. While the TeamForge tracker adapter sends tracker changes to Orchestrate. To install the commit and tracker adapter:

  1. Download the TeamForge Commit Adapter orchestrate-commit-adapter-[version].jar and TeamForge Tracker adapter orchestrate-tracker-adapter-[version].jar corresponding to your version of CollabNet TeamForge from the TeamForge Orchestrate Community.
  2. Log into your Collabnet TeamForge as a site admin.
  3. Navigate to Admin > System Tools > Customizations
    Note: If Customizations is not available on your instance of TeamForge, please see TeamForge adapters - alternative installation method.
  4. For each adapter, click Create.
  5. Browse to the adapter and click Add.