CollabNet TeamForge 8.1 Patch 1 ( release notes

Released on: 26 October, 2015

8.1 Patch 1 installation instructions:
Apply TeamForge 8.1 Patch 1 ( if you have TeamForge 8.1 ( up and running.


Internal code browser

CollabNet’s native code browser is now a default option for both Subversion and Git integration servers.

Add SSLProtocolSuite and SSLCipherSuite as tokens

The CipherSuite configuration is now possible via site-options.conf tokens. For more information, see SSL_PROTOCOL and SSL_CIPHER_SUITE.

Software version upgrades

Subversion has been upgraded to 1.8.14.

Fixed bugs


The following Reports related issues have been fixed:


The following code browser issues have been fixed:


An issue that resulted in long JBOSS startup time on certain configurations has now been fixed.

Build and Test

When SVN was on a separate server, clicking the Build and Test link on the TeamForge page was not opening the appropriate Jenkins page when displayed in an iframe. This has been fixed.

Project Home

An issue occurred while accessing files in the publishing repository through the relative URL /www. This has been fixed.


The following SOAP related issues have been fixed:
  • SOAP services failed intermittently when multiple SOAP calls were executed in parallel. This has been fixed.
  • When trying to fetch a large number of repositories from an external system, a time out error occurred. This has been fixed.


An issue occurred with pop-up windows on the View Artifact page for some special characters in the Status field.


SVN commit details were not getting associated with the Project Tracker ID because of which they were not showing up on the Project Tracker artifact page.This has been fixed.


This patch addresses few information disclosure related security issues.


The following Tracker related issues have been fixed:

Kanban board

When the child artifact card is dragged from one swimlane to another, the parent artifact card now displays correct values of the total number of Open and Closed artifacts.


Changes have been made to ensure that if a Git repository is removed, its mirrors on replica servers are removed as well.


The following Orchestrate related issues have been addressed:
  • Migration from version 1.4.0 is now fully supported. Release 1.4.0 superseded immediately with a patch and was not intended for customer consumption.
  • When Orchestrate is deactivated and reinstated at the project level, old sources would remain intact. This has been remedied in this patch such that all old sources are now deleted.
  • Several upgrade related data migration bugs have been addressed.
  • When projects are created from a template, Orchestrate created duplicate sources. This issue has been resolved.
  • Installation can be resumed if there is an "IAF registration" failure.
  • Installation properly updates RabbitMQ credentials when installation is run multiple times.
  • Upgrade and installation will no longer permit "localhost" for the RabbitMQ FQDN. Using a local value prevents users from obtaining the real FQDN, needed during source setup.
  • Better support for installing Orchestrate in non-SSL (http) mode.
  • Better handling of Orchestrate objects during project deletion.
  • A bug in the Orchestrate icon service related to paths has been fixed.

Known issues


You cannot browse Git repositories if you have Git on a separate server with SSL turned off, a 404 error message shows up. For troubleshooting the issue, see this topic.

Discussion forum

An issue prevents all but trusted users and moderators from posting to 'Moderated' discussion forums via email.

Project dashboard

Concurrent access to dashboards on sites with large number of projects could result in system errors.

Integrated applications

Exporting integrated application configurations could sometimes result in system outages.