CollabNet TeamForge 8.0 Patch 1 ( release notes

Released on: 06 May, 2015

8.0 Patch 1 installation instructions:
Apply TeamForge 8.0 Patch 1 ( if you have TeamForge 8.0 ( up and running.

New features

Group by Teams

The distribution reports – Status Distribution by Area/Group, Total Size by Area/Group and Average Size by Area/Group – can now be grouped by Teams as well.

Add cross-project reports

In order to be able to add reports from other projects to a specific project home page, a Project drop-down list has been added on the Create Component page. For more information, see Add reports to a project page.

Fixed bugs


The CLI reports now work on all platforms. This includes SUSE and 32-bit environment with SELinux ON as well.

The following Reports related issues have been fixed:


SOAP API methods getIntegratedApplicationByName and listPluggableComponents2 now return appropriate data for all users, irrespective of their user role.


An exception occurred while importing a project via Simbel. This has been fixed.


When the Orchestrate tab was clicked, JavaScript errors were displayed on the browser console. This has been fixed.



The following UI related issues have been fixed:

Section 508 compliance

Issues pertaining to providing text equivalents for images and input support in forms (using assistive technologies) have been fixed.


The CLI cron job was repeatedly checking the TeamForge version. This has been fixed.


An issue was reported when user accounts were created using External Authentication (LDAP). This has been fixed.

Source code

Folder creation failed when attempting to create more than 20 folders if the names contained the same first 32 characters with a combination of special characters. This has been fixed.


When permissions for integrated applications were modified via SOAP60, an exception was reported if multiple roles contained those modified permissions. This has been fixed.

Known issues

CLI branding support for RHEL 6 with SELinux

There is an issue with adding or modifying CLI reports via the branding repository on RHEL 6 (32 and 64-bit environments) with the SELinux setup.

Custom reports

When you create a custom report, change its category via the branding repository and then attempt to view the original report that you created (before modifying the category), you will encounter an error. For a workaround, see Error while modifying custom reports via branding repository. How to fix?.


You cannot browse Git repositories if you have Git on a separate server with SSL turned off, a 404 error message shows up.