Approve a replica server request

When there is a request for a replica of a core SCM integration server, a TeamForge administrator must approve the request before the replica is created.

Replica requests from a TeamForge admin user or site administrator are automatically approved. Replicas requested by other users need approval by a TeamForge administrator.
  1. Click Admin in the TeamForge navigation bar.
  2. On the site administration navigation bar, click INTEGRATIONS.
  3. On the SCM INTEGRATIONS tab, click the Pending SCM Replicas tab.
  4. From the list of pending SCM replica requests, select the SCM replicas that you want to approve.
    • Click Approve to approve the replica.
    • Click Reject to reject the replica and remove it from the list.
When a replica is approved, it is listed in the SCM INTEGRATIONS tab beneath the master SVN server.