What is a project?

A project is a workspace where people can use the CollabNet TeamForge applications to collaborate and to create, store, and share data.

All the work you do with CollabNet TeamForge is organized into projects. Any registered CollabNet TeamForge user can create a project, subject to approval by a CollabNet site administrator. After a new project is approved, the project creator can configure project applications, add project members, and create and assign roles to govern each user's individual access permissions and the access permissions of groups of users. A registered CollabNet can also request membership in any CollabNet project. Requests to join projects are submitted to the project's administrators for approval.

How CollabNet TeamForge projects are organized is up to you and your organization. You might choose to create one large, centralized CollabNet TeamForge project in which to manage all of your organization's development work. Or you might choose instead to create a number of smaller projects for each team or sub-project.

Any registered user on the site can create a project, subject to approval by a CollabNet TeamForge site administrator.

You can use a project template to pre-populate new projects with the structure and configuration of an existing project.

When you create a project, it is submitted to the CollabNet TeamForge administrator for approval. You will receive an email notification when the site administrator approves or rejects your project. When your project is approved, you are assigned the Founder Project Admin role and made a project administrator. You can access the project from My Projects or View All Projects menu option under My Workspace.