Create a project template

To make it easier to start projects, provide project templates based on existing projects.

A project template is used to populate new projects with the structure and configuration of the source project. It can also include the actual contents of the project it is based on, such as tasks, tracker items and documents.

When you create a project template, it is available only to projects on your own site. To make it available more widely, you can export the project template and share it with others. Ask your CollabNet representative for more information about doing this.

Note: The access settings for a project template are the same as the access settings for the project on which the template is based. For example:
  • If you create a template from a project that has hidden applications, any project you create from that template will have the same applications hidden.
  • If you create a template from a project that is private, any project created from that template will also be private.
  1. Set up the project that will serve as the basis for the new project template.
    Tip: If you need a clean project template, you may want to create a new project specifically for this purpose.
  2. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  3. On the Project Settings page, click Create Project Template.
  4. Write a name and description for the template.
    Tip: Consider the uses that you or other project managers might have for this project template, and include keywords in your description that are related to those uses.
  5. Choose the items that you want to make available in new projects that are created from this template.
    • Every new project includes a Trackers component into which you can add new trackers; a Documents folder into which you can add more document folders and documents; and so on.
      Note: When you select "Artifacts and their dependencies" from optional content, it copies the artifacts along with their associated tags.
    • If you wish, you can include the actual trackers from the current project's Trackers component; the actual documents from the current project's Documents component, and so on.
  6. Click OK.
The project template is created. The template is available to all users who have the required permissions to create new projects. When the templates are used, the number of projects associated to individual template is displayed in the projects created field .

The template name and description appear on the Template tab of the Projects list, accessible from your personal navigation bar.