Verify your TeamForge 17.4 installation

Congratulations: you have just installed your TeamForge 17.4 site. Now you can apply some finishing touches and make sure everything is running smoothly.

  1. Log into your site as the administrator. The value of the PUBLIC_FQDN variable in the site-options.conf file is the URL to login to TeamForge application.
  2. To install your license key. See Supply your TeamForge license key from Teamforge user interface.
  3. To verify that the tracker initial load (triggered through TrackerInitialJob) completed successfully, run the following SQL from [RUNTIME_DIR]/scripts/psql-reporting-wrapper or by selecting the Datamart option on the System Tools > Ad Hoc Database Query page in the TeamForge web interface.
    • select * from etl_job where job_name ='tracker_initial_etl';
    The status column should have a value of 1.
  4. To create a sample project. See Create a TeamForge project.
  5. To write a welcome message to your site's users, see Create a site-wide broadcast.
Now that you have successfully installed your TeamForge site in its basic configuration, you can use the instructions under Maintain your TeamForge 17.4 site to help keep your site going.