Supply your TeamForge license key from Teamforge user interface

Your license key enables you to use CollabNet TeamForge for the period of your contract.

Your license key will only work for the IP address of the machine that your CollabNet TeamForge is running on, as specified in your order form.
Tip: These steps are for installing your license key via the web interface. If you prefer, you can install it as a text file instead. See Supply your TeamForge license key as a text file.
  1. Locate the confirmation email you received from your CollabNet representative when you purchased your contract.
  2. Log into your site as the site administrator.
    Note: The site administrator is different from the root user on the machine where the site is running.
  3. Click Admin > License Key.   If you have entered a license before, the IP address and current licensed number of users on your site are listed on the License Key page. Verify that the IP address is the same as the one you entered in your order form.
  4. Click Enter License Key.
  5. Copy your new license key from the confirmation email and paste it into the Enter License Key field. A license key string looks like this: ALM=100:SCM=80:DEVOPS=10:supervillaininc:
    Tip: Save this license key in case you need to reinstall CollabNet TeamForge.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Verify that the new value for Licensed Number of Users matches the total number of licensed users in your contract.