Run the script to perform TeamForge post installation/upgrade actions. For example, run this script for setting up CLI reports, integrating Gerrit SCM with TeamForge, integrating SVN and CVS, and so on. This script is intelligent enough to identify the list of post installation actions required based on the TeamForge applications that are configured and running locally. [-D|--debug] [-c|--component <teamforge component>] [-r|--reconfigure] [-g |--group]
Option Description

Use this option to enable debug mode. Enabling the debug mode displays all the back-end debug messages on the console.


Use this option to run the post installation action for a specific TeamForge component. By default, if this parameter is not specified, all the post installation/upgrade actions for all relevant TeamForge components running on the server are performed.

Valid values: app, etl, database, datamart, subversion, cvs, gerrit and codesearch.

-g |--group

Run post installation for a specific application group.

Valid values: clireports, reporting, codesearch, scm, projecttemplates and fixpermissions.


To reconfigure the post installation with default credentials.

-O |--option

The script prompts for input for items such as TeamForge admin user name, password, etc. Use this option to pass such parameters as command line arguments so that you are not prompted for the same later.

Valid values:
  • teamforge-tf.siteadmin.username=<USERNAME>

Use this option to display help information about

Usage examples

Manually create SCM integration in case your integration server uses self-signed (or wildcard) certificates

If your integration server uses self-signed (or wildcard) certificates, the post-install.pyscript may fail to create SCM integration. In such case, you may have to manually create the SCM integration using the TeamForge Admin > Integrations > SCM Integrations UI. The following message is shown when you run the script on integration servers that use self-signed (or wildcard) certificates.

Please create SVN integration through TeamForge Admin UI if your integration server uses self signed certificate. Failed.


See Post install fails for Git. What should I do? for more information.