SOAP calls for integrated applications

When you integrate an application with TeamForge, you will need to make SOAP calls from the integrated application into TeamForge to respond to events on either side.

To integrate an application with TeamForge using the Integrated Application Framework, you have to implement the following methods for TeamForge to communicate with the integrated application.

The interface should be exposed via SOAP, and the endpoint for this interface should be defined by the <endpoint> tag in the XML Application configuration file.

Tip: There is no direct API for managing users/groups from TeamForge to an integrated application. However, if your integrated application has the notion of users and user groups, you can listen to “user events” or “group events” through an event handler in TeamForge and call this interface using that data. You can also make SOAP calls from the integrated application directly into TeamForge to get user information.


For a complete description of all methods, see the Javadoc for the Pebble integration service.