SOAP calls for SCM in integrated applications

You can use these SOAP calls to enable users to change data in an integrated application based on actions in a TeamForge source code repository.


This serves as the pre-Commit hook for an integrated application. TeamForge will call this method if require-scm-integration flag is set to true in the integrated app xml descriptor. This would mean that a commit made into TeamForge will only succeed if this method returns a “true” (String).
Note: All TeamForge ids and ids from other integrated applications are removed from this list even though it could be part of the original commit message. Also these ids are without the prefix. The integrated application can use these ids to find if they are valid for the particular commit and respond with a “true” or a “false” followed by an optional error message that can be displayed to the user who is making the commit.


This method is called after a commit is made and post processing needs to happen for that particular commit in the integrated application. A typical use case will be to store the commit information as part of some object within the integrated application. Please note that any errors thrown as part of this will not stop the commit from happening as the commit has been already made.