JBoss crashed with out of memory error, how do I prevent this?

This can indicate that the JVM heap size is set too small.

You can adjust this by changing the -Xms and -Xmx settings of the JBOSS_JAVA_OPTS token in site-options.conf and rebuilding runtime.

This will appear if the JBoss application server has crashed and you find this error in the server.log:
INFO [STDOUT] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

The default maximum heap size of 640MB can cause issues on a heavily used site. If the CTF application is the only thing running on the server, you can increase this to half of the total physical ram on the machine. This should still allow enough memory for the OS and other necessary processes. If you are also running the app, database and scm on the same machine a maximum heap size of 1/4 or the total ram maybe a better setting. Determining the right JVM settings for your install will require testing with your particular usage patterns and database.

You can view the current memory usage under the JVM Environment section of the JBoss webconsole at http://<CTF_SERVER>:8080/web-console/. You will need to log in using the CTF admin password.