Install the TeamForge connector server

To install the TeamForge connector server (CCF Master), you download and extract a Tomcat distribution, set configuration properties, and run the connector.

The TeamForge connector server requires a Java 6 runtime environment on the computer where it will run. For the TeamForge - Quality Center connector, you need a 32-bit runtime.
Note: Make sure that the environment variable JAVA_HOME points to the JRE you intend to use.
  1. Download the latest version of the TeamForge connector server, 2.3.2 or later (apache-tomcat-7.x.xx) release from here.
  2. Extract the apache-tomcat-7.x.xx file into the location where you want to deploy the connector (for example, $CATALINA_HOME). Verify that the properties files ccf.conf and exist in the folder where you extracted the file.
  3. Configure the connector.
    1. Open the ccf.conf file and set the ccfhome property to a value such as c:/ccf/ccfhome.
    2. Copy the file to the location specified by the ccfhome property and rename the file to
    3. Set the runtime configuration properties for your environment in
  4. When you're done with your changes, start the Tomcat instance.

    You can now access the connector.

Note: If you are using Quality Center 11, you need to register the connector with Quality Center.
Note: If your TeamForge server uses https and a self-signed SSL certificate, you may get a Java error while connecting the CCF Master to TeamForge. To resolve this, you need to import the server certificate into the keystore of the JVM running the CCF Master.