Configure the connector server

Define the ccf.home property in the ccf.conf file and all other properties in the file.

TeamForge connector 2.0 had only one file in the Tomcat distribution, $CATALINA_HOME/ccf.conf, for the configuration settings. The file has been introduced in version 2.1.
  1. Set the ccf.home property to a meaningful value.
  2. Set all other runtime properties in the file.
    Tip: As part of TeamForge connector 2.1 and later, you have a template for in the Tomcat distribution ($CATALINA_HOME/
  3. Place in the directory specified by ccf.home.
During startup, the connector instance tries to find within the ccf.home directory and loads the runtime properties defined in the file.
Besides these steps, you have other options for setting the runtime configuration parameters. For more information, see this wiki.