Start connector services

To be able to start synchronizing artifacts, start the services for your connector scenario.

Each example scenario provided with your CCF installation contains the following files:

  1. To install the service, run the Install<CCFScenarioName>Service.bat script for your connector scenario.
    • For the TeamForge Tracker-to-Quality Center direction, run InstallTF2QCService.bat from <CCF_HOME>\production\QCTF\TF2QC. A service called TF2QCService is created.
    • For the Quality Center-to-TeamForge Tracker direction, run InstallQC2TFService.bat from <CCF_HOME>\production\QCTF\QC2TF. A service called QC2TFService is created.
    For the Project Tracker-Quality Center scenario, run InstallPT2QCService.bat from <CCF_HOME>\production\QCPT\PT2QC to install PT2QCService, and InstallQC2PTService.bat from <CCF_HOME>\production\QCPT\QC2PT to install QC2PTService.
  2. Start the service. For the example scenario, run the QC2TF and TF2QC services from the Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services screen.