Add a TeamForge site

When you add a TeamForge site, you can access its projects and tools in the Site Explorer, and work with tracker artifacts and planning folders using the Desktop editors.

  1. In the CollabNet tab, click the Add Site icon.
    Add site icon
  2. Select CollabNet TeamForge for the site type and click Next.

    The General Settings dialog appears.

    Add a new site
  3. Specify a title and the URL for the site and click Next. For example,

    The CollabNet TeamForge Site Settings dialog appears.

    Dialog to specify client authorization
  4. Provide your username.
  5. Specify the kind of client authorization required to connect to the TeamForge server.
    • If you are not using a client certificate, select Basic and enter your password for the site.
    • Otherwise, select Certificate.
      Microsoft's standard certificate selection dialog appears. It uses the standard certificate store (your personal store). Make sure that the client certificate is installed and available in the store.
      Tip: You can also verify this by connecting to the TeamForge server successfully using Internet Explorer.
  6. Select whether you want to save your credentials, and click Next.
  7. Customize what you'd like to see in the view by specifying the projects to be displayed.
    • All projects on the TeamForge site.
    • Only the projects in which you are a member.
    • The projects you work with most frequently -- which you've designated as your favorites.
  8. Select a timezone for the CollabNet TeamForge server.
  9. Click Finish.
Your TeamForge site appears in the Site Explorer. You can expand it to see the projects, and project application folders for which you have view permission.