Archive and restore pipelines

Using the pipeline archiving feature of TeamForge Orchestrate, you can disable a pipeline or restore an archived pipeline.

To archive or restore a pipeline, or view an archived pipeline, you must have "Pipeline edit" or "Pipeline create" permissions for the project. When you archive a pipeline, TeamForge Orchestrate renders it in a read-only state. The archived pipeline no longer displays in the "Project Info" page and cannot be edited. No new data from any source will be collected while the pipeline is archived, although historic pipeline data is preserved and can still be viewed, for example, via the activity stream.
Note: The name and short name of an archived pipeline cannot be reused by another pipeline.
  1. Click the project name in the breadcrumb navigation.
  2. To archive a pipeline, click Archive.
  3. To restore a pipeline, click View archived pipelines, then click Unarchive. The restored pipeline is now visible in the "Project Info" page that lists active pipelines. When an archived pipeline is restored, associated sources can start collecting data again.