Known issues in CollabNet TeamForge 8.2

The following issues, including any workarounds we may have, are known to exist in the TeamForge 8.2 release.

File Releases

Exporting the list of Reported Tracker Artifacts, Fixed Tracker Artifacts or Planned Tracker Artifacts in File Releases with the 'Team' data is not possible. Trying to do so results in a blank page.

To work around this known issue, remove the 'Team' field from the 'Selected Columns' list and the export should succeed.

Team creation

When a user that is not a project's member but belongs to a user group which has Project Admin permissions,attempts to create a team, the user, by default, becomes the team owner. However, the team creation fails because the user is not a direct member of the project in this case.

To work around this issue, remove the user from the Add Team Members list on the Create Team page and designate a direct project member as the team's owner.

CLI reports on Project Home page

Reports are not properly rendered (reports go blank) in the Project Home page if you rearrange the CLI report components up or down. To work around this issue, refresh your browser every time you move a CLI report component on the Project Home page.

Discussion Posts from anonymous guest users

Discussion posts via the web UI from anonymous guest users are blocked with a 'session timed out' message.

Proxy timeout error while deleting a flex field on a tracker with a large number of artifacts

You might end up with a proxy timeout error while deleting one or more flex fields on a tracker with a large number of artifacts. Adjust (increase) your Apache timeout settings should you face such a situation.

Compatibility between JDBC drivers and database versions

CollabNet recommends using compatible JDBC drivers meant for specific database versions. For more information, see this troubleshooting topic.

Default value in user defined field

For existing artifacts, if you add a new user defined drop-down field, irrespective of the default value set, the field displays 'None' on the tracker artifact page.

CLI branding support for RHEL 6 with SELinux

There is an issue with adding or modifying CLI reports via the branding repository on RHEL 6 (32 and 64-bit environments) with the SELinux setup.

About box

Some of the 'Add-on' entries do not show up in the About box.


User avatar fails to get imported via Simbel.

ViewVC exception

An exception occurs in the ViewVC mode when you replicate Subversion Edge or integrate it with TeamForge. To work around, use the TeamForge code browser.

TeamForge Avatar display issue on RHEL/CentOS 6.7

TeamForge Avatar image is not displayed properly post Review Board installation on RHEL/CentOS 6.7. Run the following commands to work around this issue:
  • yum erase python-imaging
  • yum install teamforge
  • /etc/init.d/httpd restart

Not able to restart specific services using the "collabnet" script

Restarting specific services such as "pgsql" using "collabnet" script is not possible. As a workaround, stop the service and start it again. For example:
Use these commands... ...instead of this command
  • etc/init.d/teamforge_cli_server stop
  • etc/init.d/teamforge_cli_server start
  • etc/init.d/teamforge_cli_server restart
  • /etc/init.d/collabnet stop pgsql
  • /etc/init.d/collabnet start pgsql
  • /etc/init.d/collabnet restart pgsql
  • /etc/init.d/collabnet stop tomcatcs
  • /etc/init.d/collabnet start tomcatcs
  • /etc/init.d/collabnet restart tomcatcs


Jump to ID search (or in other words "Quick Search") throws an error when you search for a report with its ID.
Note: Report ID is of the form "reportxxxx", where the value for xxxx (four digit number) can be found in the URL of the report in question.