Known issues in CollabNet TeamForge 8.1

The following issues, including any workarounds we may have, are known to exist in the TeamForge 8.1 release.


Sites with huge user base and with specific site-options enabled may experience relatively long JBOSS startup time during upgrades. This would be fixed in the upcoming patch release.

Discussion forum

An issue prevents all but trusted users and moderators from posting to 'Moderated' discussion forums via email.

Project dashboard

Concurrent access to dashboards on sites with large number of projects could result in system errors.

Integrated applications

Exporting integrated application configurations could sometimes result in system outages.

Kanban board

When the child artifact card is dragged from one swimlane to another, an incorrect total of Open and Closed child artifacts is displayed on the parent artifact card.

Issues around custom-defined tracker fields


A concurrency issue around artifact activities exists, which will be fixed in the upcoming patch release.



Strikethrough, Bold and Italic text formatting features are not applied when you view a wiki page as HTML or PDF.

Statistics charts such as artifact statistics, task statistics, FRS statistics, and document statistics, when added to a wiki page, are not displayed.


You cannot browse Git repositories if you have Git on a separate server with SSL turned off, a 404 error message shows up. For troubleshooting the issue, see this topic.