Issues resolved in CollabNet TeamForge 8.0

Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 8.0.


The following are the security related issues that have been fixed:


Artifact change log

The artifact change log is now updated for actions such as removal of users from a project and deletion of users from a site.


An issue that prevented users with global project roles from seeing all the list values of the STATUS field is now fixed. The STATUS field in the View Artifact page now shows all the list values for all users in a project group, including users with global project roles.

Tracker cloning/Project template creation

TeamForge 8.0 migration script can now remove all orphan records and field_value references, if any. This fixes an issue that prevented tracker cloning and project template creation.

Tracker update notification emails

Tracker update notification emails now contain more specific information about fields and values that are either added or modified.

Current date in planning folder burndown charts

'Now' in planning folder burndown chart refers to the current date of the TeamForge server and not the GMT date/time as was shown earlier.

Text wrapping in multi-line text fields

As multi-line text fields in View Artifact and Print Preview pages were not text-wrapping, users with View Only tracker permission had a readability issue, which is now fixed. Multi-line text content is now wrapped perfectly within the text box.


The following Simbel related issues have been fixed:

Event handler

Email notifications for all monitored items are now being sent out properly.


An issue with user data validations is now fixed with the addition of a new SOAP60 call, setUserData2.


The SVN commit message reference now appears correctly as a "linkified" value in ViewVC.


Entering a new line creates a new paragraph in TeamForge 8.0 wiki editor, the CKEditor, which works the WYSIWYG way.

Site administration

When the site-option token, SAAS_ENABLED, is set to true, site activity notification emails are not sent to all site administrators. A new site option token, NOTIFY_SITE_ADMINS_FOR_SITE_ACTIVITIES, can be used to receive email notifications on operations at the site level that include create users, create projects (including project approval), black-list users, and SCM operations.

Document search

Appropriate search results were not being displayed when the ‘AND’ operator was used in document search. This has been fixed.


To prevent log threads from getting blocked, an asynchronous handler has now been introduced in JBoss loggers.


Viewing all monitored objects: A system error occurred while attempting to access All Monitored Objects (My Workspace > Monitoring). This has been fixed. Now, when the user clicks Monitoring, the first project (if any) under My Projects is selected by default. If the user selects All Monitoring Objects, and if the total number of records exceeds 25,000, a message is displayed prompting the user to refine the filter.