Discover a Subversion Edge server

Subversion Edge (version 1.1 and higher) servers register their service on your local network using the DNS-Service Discovery protocol. TeamForge administrators can see them.

Subversion Edge servers that were converted to TeamForge servers are displayed in the SCM Integrations page.
  1. Click Admin in the site navigation bar.
  2. On the site administration navigation bar, click INTEGRATIONS.
  3. On the SCM INTEGRATIONS tab, click Discover Subversion Edge Servers.

    A Java applet is launched, and you will see a list of Subversion Edge servers in your LAN.

    Subversion Edge servers in your LAN

    You can click on a server to connect to it. To bring in the power and capabilities of TeamForge, you can convert the Subversion Edge server to a managed SCM integration server in TeamForge.

    Note: The number of commits made in a Subversion Edge Server can be tracked through reports. The commits made after integrating with TeamForge are available for reporting.